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So you are thinking of improving your home and wondering whether hiring a professional to help will be of value to you? If so, this blog will help you gain some insights into what interior designers can do for you and help you make an informed decision.

When you embark on a journey towards a better home, you might feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially if you are time poor or lack experience or an eye for design. An interior designer can help not only guide you through the process but assist you in developing a creative direction for your home, making key strategic decisions when it comes to investing your funds and stop you from making costly mistakes along the way..

1. Designer Discounts

Interior designers keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to design trends and have a large trade contacts base. Not only do they know the best finishes, furniture and lighting suppliers, but they are usually given great trade discounts when they shop for their clients. Having an interior designer will often help you save considerably on your total project costs.

A good interior designer will work with you, your budget and your style preferences when making the selections for your home, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the best finds, sourced and handpicked by your designer and making your home look stunning and feel a million dollars at a fraction of the cost.

2. Create a Schedule of Works

Designing or renovating your space can be very exciting yet intimidating at the same time. Prior to starting the works, an experienced interior designer will create a Schedule of Works to help you define your scope, your budget and your project road map.

3. Invest strategically

Whether you are new to renovation or not, an interior designer can give you some professional advice when it comes to investing your funds. Whether it is your forever home or an investment property, certain design decisions can either increase the value of your property and improve your chances of selling it on quickly down the track or make it rather difficult for the next buyer to want to live in.

Interior designers work with a broad range of clients, they can help steer you away from more personal or trend driven design choices towards a more timeless look that will appeal to a wider range of people. They will also be able to assess which areas of your home need the most work and recommend ways of creating a bigger impact with less.

Photo by Polina Radchenko Interior Design

4. Develop a styling direction that reflects who you are

Often when you see a beautiful house, it is hard to imagine all the work that went into making it a reality. While DIY is certainly a fun and enjoyable process, the outcomes can often vary considerably from what was originally desired. Often final colour combinations don’t work or furniture ends up being too small or too big for the space.

An interior designer can help you channel your ideas and develop an overall colour palette and look & feel that reflects your personality and ensure your home is well considered from the start. Having a professional by your side can give you the confidence and focus needed to make great decisions and feel excited by the prospect of decorating your home.

5. Create construction drawings

 The interior design profession has evolved so much over the years! While furniture, accessories and fittings selection is still a large (and fun!) part of our job, interior designers (unlike interior decorators) often get involved when the building is still in planning.

After the design intent is agreed upon with the client, a qualified interior designer will create construction drawings to help the clients fully visualise their dream space and communicate the design intent to the builder and contractors. They will typically include room layouts, partition plans, ceiling plans, bespoke joinery designs, bathroom and kitchen plans and construction details.

Photo by Polina Radchenko Interior Design

6. Manage your project

Working alongside a builder and/ or architect, an experienced interior designer will manage your project on site. They will resolve queries on site and oversee the construction process to make sure their clients are getting the beautiful home they visualised.

During construction things often don’t go as planned and changes to the design may be inevitable. Having your designer on site to advocate for your best interests will ensure you are getting the best design outcome you can.

7. Help you and your partner agree

According to data, over 10% of couples consider separation or divorce mid-renovation due to stress and strain put on the relationship. The majority of this tension usually comes from inability to agree on a decision that has to be made to carry on with the works.

An interior designer can often act as the mediator and share their professional opinion helping you and your partner reach an agreement that will best suit both parties.


Choosing an interior designer is a very personal decision. Not only do you want to make sure their design aesthetic resonates with yours, you want to know if they are a nice person to deal with and that they will look out for you and advocate for your best interests.

Some interior designers now offer a free consult which is a great opportunity to get a feel for your designer and see if you click. If you are just after some professional advice and a styling direction and unsure if you are ready to engage an interior designer just yet, check out my Interior Design & Styling Kits. They can help equip you with the right knowledge at the start and give you a good idea on whether having an interior designer by your side is of value to you.

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Photo by Polina Radchenko Interior Design

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